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Leaders from Brown, RISD, and Yale STEAM groups gathered in Providence for a leadership bootcamp today, consisting of a variety if workshops and casual conversations. Pictured is Ryan Mather, RISD STEAM President, instructing how to screenprint.

Leaders from Brown, RISD, and Yale STEAM groups gathered in Providence for a leadership bootcamp today, consisting of a variety if workshops and casual conversations. Pictured is Ryan Mather, RISD STEAM President, instructing how to screenprint.

Fall 2014 Course Offering: Visualizing the Natural Sciences

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For students at Brown & RISD, RISD has an interdisciplinary class offering called “Visualizing the Natural Sciences”:

This 6-credit course invites undergraduate and graduate students to improve their skills in communicating and illustrating science. The general topic is changing biodiversity, how humans impact plants, animals, and their environment. Examples will be presented from around the world, as well as from Rhode Island. Through a series of exercises, students will practice analyzing and interpreting scientific information in order to both understand and present it. The science content will be delivered through lectures, visits to research labs, and to a nearby nature sanctuary. The course is designed to introduce students to relevant scientific concepts and challenge them to use their art to make these ideas more concrete and meaningful. In some cases, the goal may be to educate; in others, it may be to raise awareness, stimulate debate, or entertain. Students will explore the use of different media, including 2-D, 3-D animated, and interactive modes. They will also target differentcaudiences and venues, including: general interest or editorial publications, art for public spaces including galleries, educational and peer- to-peer science materials. Class work includes assigned reading, several minor projects, an exam, and a comprehensive final project. Students will choose a recent research study on the topic of human impacts on biodiversity for the subject of their final project, which is a written paper combined with original artwork designed for a public space or public interaction. The Departments of Illustration and History, Philosophy, and Social Sciences will teach the course collaboratively.

LAEL-3912 & ILLUS-3912, check it out!

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Borne out of a scientist’s identity crisis, ArtLab is an ongoing experiment at the interface of art + science to dissolve the arbitrary // artificial barrier that separates these two inherently complementary worlds. Both through this blog and a series, ArtLab aims to create both a virtual and physical space for art + science to intermix, allowing each to inform and complicate the other. Above all, artlab’s mission is to foster a community built on a shared fundamental fascination with the mysterious, and a boundless desire for exploration and discovery.


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"Intuition of turbulent flow can serve the mathematician and the engineer, while careful observation and even experiment can benefit the artist."
Turbulence — Nautilus

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Coming up Spring Semester 2015 as a GISP in Brown’s Division of Applied Math!

Coming up Spring Semester 2015 as a GISP in Brown’s Division of Applied Math!

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"One of the worst cuts we make is dividing the aesthetic from the knowledge, from the science. This is a disaster, because the source of the children’s energy is largely in two areas that we see here: their social relations and their aesthetic drive. This is what produces the energy, and we cut this off."

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"Many art museums also use the Internet for teaching purposes. The distance learning program of the Cleveland Museum of Art offers what it calls “STEAM” courses on architecture, geology and weather. The acronym refers to the courses combining science, technology, engineering, the arts and math, and they are for students in grades four through eight."
If You Can’t Make It to the Lecture (nytimes)

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More Pictures from the Assistive Technology Makeathon! Including founder of the SpeakYourMind Foundation chatting about the projects with Congressman Langevin.

Thank you all for incredible projects and an amazing weekend!

Assistive Technology Makeathon

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April 26th and 27th

Brown University STEAM and SpeakYourMind Foundation partnered to bring together creative, interdisciplinary teams of students and professionals to collaboratively develop human-centered assistive products. This partnership culminated with a weekend long hardware/software make-a-thon focused on creating innovative, novel assistive technologies for individuals with communications disabilities. This event also served as the opening event for the Brown Design Workshop, a collaborative and creative environment for project-based learning within Brown Engineering.

The SpeakYourMind Foundation, based in Providence, RI, is a nonprofit organization spun out of the BrainGate lab at Brown University and Massachusetts General Hospital. They focus on creating, distributing, and supporting assistive communication technologies for individuals who are unable to effectively communicate due to neurological injury and disease. Together, SpeakYourMind and STEAM were excited to provide a weekend-long event dedicated to creating incredible assistive products.

We were incredibly impressed by the ingenuity and passion of all our makers and astounded by what they were able to produce in such a short event. In particular, we wanted to highlight the winners in each category, as decided by our panel of expert judges:

Design Winner:

Aaron Zhang, for Reach, a low-cost, intuitively-controlled robotic hand

Hardware Winners:

Owen Duke (a high school student!) and Valay Shah , for FaceDuino, a combination face-tracking and muscle-signal interface.

Software Winners:

Margaret Mathieu, Katie Hsia, and Kassie Wang, for TypeSimple, an easy, attractive, and quick radial keyboard.

In kind donations from Microsoft, Sparkfun, and Human-Computer Technologies were used for projects and prizes. Generous cash donations from Health Advances, MedMates, Atrion, and The Boston Home provided us with the materials and support needed to create such incredible projects!

Next Generation of STEAM at Brown Leadership

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It is with great happiness and confidence that we announce our next generation of leadership talent!
John Filmanowicz - Better World by Design Liaison and Publicity Lead.
Noah Schlottman Project Manager and Science Center Liaison.
Jonelle Ahiligwo - Project Manager, In-House Graphic Designer, and Nature Lab Liaison.
Ben Snell - Project Manager and Granoff Center Liaison.
Mark St. Louis - Assistant Director, and Speak Your Mind Project Manager + Liaison. 
Victoria Wu - Director, and Engineering Project Manager + Liaison
Lukas WinklerPrins, one of our founding leaders, will advise the new team throughout the year and continue to lead projects of interest.
We look forward to all the amazing work the new team will do!
STEAM love,
Michelle and Hanna

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